The  Center for Additive Manufacturing and Logistics serves industry through fundamental and applied research in the additive technologies and an active program of technology transfer. Our group has developed and continues to develop core research, non-core research, and technology transfer activities.

Core research programs are developed jointly by the faculty/staff and partner companies.  Core research programs focus on areas such as

  • the development of new materials
  • the modification of existing materials
  • basic studies that lead to a better understanding of technologies
  • applied research directed at process material – property relationships
  • the development of instrumentation and test methods for additive processes.

Core research programs are supported by funds from the State of North Carolina and fees from our partner companies.  The results of the research are proprietary to the College and to all partner companies that support that research. This information is placed in the public domain, through presentations and publications, poster presentations, software, and patent disclosures, only after the approval of our Industrial Advisory Board (IAB).  The policies governing the ownership of intellectual property are available upon request.

A non-core research program focuses on one or more of the above objectives but is carried out for an individual company. The single company sponsored programs can be proprietary and are made public only if the sponsoring company agrees.  Non-core projects of special interest can also be developed for a group of companies or an association representing a group of companies.  The results of such research are made public only if the sponsoring companies agree.

The Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering Department carries out an active program of technology transfer supported by funds from the State of North Carolina and industrial partners.  This program seeks to disseminate technology developed here along with existing knowledge of the management of materials and processes. Such programs are provided in the form of:

  • training and assistance in the implementation of Lab developed technology
  • courses taught at plant sites
  • workshops here at N.C. State
  • industrial internships
  • focused seminars, symposia, and conferences
  • one-on-one consulting.

To carry out its research mission, we regularly seek out talent at North Carolina State University as well as other universities .  Such cooperative research programs are undertaken by the faculty, staff, and students with the approval of the IAB.+