Paul Weinhold

Research Associate Professor

Research Interests

Paul Weinhold’s research focuses on Orthopaedic Biomechanics, Vibration Testing of Orthopaedic Tissues, and Constructs.


A Biomechanical Comparison of Modified Radioscapholunate Fusion Constructs for Radiocarpal Arthritis
Shapiro, J. A., Feinstein, S. D., Jewell, E., Taylor, R. R., Weinhold, P., & Draeger, R. W. (2020), JOURNAL OF HAND SURGERY-AMERICAN VOLUME, 45(10).
Benefits of additive manufacturing and micro and nano surface texture modifications on mechanical strength and infection resistance of skin-implant interfaces in rats
Lindsay, C., Ruppert, D., Abumoussa, S., Dahners, L., & Weinhold, P. (2020), JOURNAL OF BIOMATERIALS APPLICATIONS, 34(9), 1193–1200.
Locally delivered minocycline microspheres do not impair osseointegration of titanium implants in a rat femur model
Shapiro, J. A., AbuMoussa, S., Lindsay, C. P., Mason, G. B., Dahners, L. E., & Weinhold, P. S. (2020), JOURNAL OF ORTHOPAEDICS, 20, 213–216.
Minocycline microspheres did not significantly improve outcomes after collagenase injection of tendon
Allen, A. D., Bassil, A. M., Berkoff, D. J., Al Maliki, M., Draeger, R. W., & Weinhold, P. S. (2019), JOURNAL OF ORTHOPAEDICS, 16(6), 580–584.
Deferoxamine-Soaked Suture Improves Angiogenesis and Repair Potential After Acute Injury of the Chicken Achilles Tendon
Efird, W. M., Fletcher, A. G., Draeger, R. W., Spang, J. T., Dahners, L. E., & Weinhold, P. S. (2018), ORTHOPAEDIC JOURNAL OF SPORTS MEDICINE, 6(10).
Improved osseointegration with as-built electron beam melted textured implants and improved peri-implant bone volume with whole body vibration
Ruppert, D. S., Harrysson, O. L. A., Marcellin-Little, D. J., Dahners, L. E., & Weinhold, P. S. (2018), MEDICAL ENGINEERING & PHYSICS, 58, 64–71.
Evaluation of silver-titanium implants activated by low intensity direct current for orthopedic infection control: An in vitro and in vivo study
Cavanaugh, D. L., Tan, Z., Norris, J. P., Hardee, A., Weinhold, P. S., Dahners, L. E., … Shirwaiker, R. A. (2016), JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS RESEARCH PART B-APPLIED BIOMATERIALS, 104(5), 1023–1031.
Immediate effect of vibratory stimuli on quadriceps function in healthy adults
Pamukoff, D. N., Pietrosimone, B., Lewek, M. D., Ryan, E. D., Weinhold, P. S., Lee, D. R., & Blackburn, J. T. (2016), MUSCLE & NERVE, 54(3), 469–478.
Whole-Body and Local Muscle Vibration Immediately Improve Quadriceps Function in Individuals With Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Pamukoff, D. N., Pietrosimone, B., Lewek, M. D., Ryan, E. D., Weinhold, P. S., Lee, D. R., & Blackburn, J. T. (2016), ARCHIVES OF PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION, 97(7), 1121–1129.

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Paul Weinhold