Dr. Harrysson Joins Panel Discussion at Hunt Library Along With Dr. Dickey, Adam Rogers and 3D Systems Founder Chuck Hull

Dr. Ola Harryson, Fitts Fellow in Biomedical Manufacturing, recently participated in a panel discussion on 3D printing at N.C. State at the Hunt Library Friday, August 30, at 11 AM.   He along with  Adam Rogers, Dr. Michael Dickey (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering), and 3D Systems founder Chuck Hull discussed the state of 3D Printing technologies.  You can see the full panel discussion here: 


Dr. Dickey and his group recently made headlines with the development of techniques to 3D-Print free-standing metal structures from liquid metal.  See the article “Researchers Build 3-D Structures Out of Liquid Metal” on the NC state news page.