A few updates, including SFF and MS&T

While we haven’t been doing a good job of keeping the world informed about the various things going on at CAMAL, a lot has been happening here for the past 6 months. To list a few items:

  • Back in August, we were very well represented by our faculty and graduate student group at SFF in Austin, TX. Zaynab Mahbooba, Chris Ledford, Hengfeng Gu, Carter Keough, and Maria Withrow all made presentations. Drs. Harrysson, Horn and Rock were in active attendance as well.
  • In September we hosted the fine folks from The Institute for Defense and Business,located in Chapel Hill, for the umpteenth time. They join us about twice a year with defense industry representatives to learn the latest and greatest about additive manufacturing, logistics, scheduling…the full spectrum of industrial and systems engineering.
  • In early October Drs. Horn and Rock provided CAMAL member ATI with the second in a series of two day onsite training events on the ins and outs of additive manufacturing with metals. These have gone very well; it’s going to be a regular offering from CAMAL as time permits.
  • Also in early October, Dr. Harrysson attended the annual Arcam users group meeting at Arcam’s headquarters in Sweden.
  • Most recently (Oct. 8-12) the same group that attended SFF (minus Hengfeng and Maria) in Austin went to MS&T in Pittsburgh, PA. Once again, many presentations made, sessions chaired…the CAMAL team was busy, productive and impressive.

All of this is being done while the never ending funded research projects we’re involved with move forward.

It’s a busy time at CAMAL.