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Theses and Dissertations

Student Title Department
Srinivasan, Harshad Automated Model Processing and Localization of Additively Manufactured Parts for Finish Machining. Industrial Engineering
Horn, Timothy J Development and Experimental Evaluation of a Novel, Patient Specific Implant for Limb Sparing Surgery. Industrial Engineering
Aman, Ronald Lee Evaluation and Modeling of Biodegradable Metallic Implants for Load-based Fixation. Industrial Engineering
Ahiska, Semra Sebnem Inventory Optimization in a One Product Recoverable Manufacturing System. Industrial Engineering
Yang, Li Structural Design, Optimization and Application of 3D Re-entrant Auxetic Structures. Industrial Engineering
Sas, Iurii Logistics of Closed-Loop Textile Recycling. Textile Technology Management
Springer, Jessica In vitro Studies of Titanium Alloy Discs Fabricated with Electron Beam Melting for Improving Transdermal Osseointegrated Implant Surfaces. Industrial Engineering
Wangwatcharakul, Worawut Modeling Inventory Systems with Imperfect Supply. Industrial Engineering
Wang, Yingying Supply Risk in a Multiple-sourcing Supply System. Industrial Engineering
Lavin, James Periodic Review Perturbed Demand Inventory Models with Stochastic Demand. Industrial Engineering
Vila-Parrish, Anita Dynamic Inventory Policies for Short Lifecycle and Perishable Products with Demand Uncertainty. Industrial Engineering
Lee, Erica Shengkai Design and In Vitro Evaluation of Five Epiphyseal Plate Fracture Stabilization Methods in Canines. Biomedical Engineering
Purser, Molly Ferris Development and Experimental Evaluation of a Novel Annuloplasty Ring with a Shape Memory Alloy Core Industrial Engineering
Cansizoglu, Omer Mesh Structures with Tailored Properties and Applications in Hip Stems. Industrial Engineering
Jajal, Ketankumar Custom Design and Manufacturing of Canine Knee Implants Industrial Engineering
Mahale, Tushar Three dimensional electrophotographic printing through layered manufacturing : an exploration into personal fabrication Industrial Engineering
Mahale, Tushar Electron Beam Melting of Advanced Materials and Structures, mass customization, mass personalization Industrial Engineering
Prasath, Mageswaran Experimental determination of the non-linear, large strain zonal mechanical properties of cartilage for use in quasi-static finite element model. Biomedical Engineering
Srisawadi, Sasitorn An Investigation of Rapid Tooling for Electrochemical Machining of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Industrial Engineering
Kracht, Aaron A Linear Base Articulated Robot Arm for Surgical Endoscopy Electrical Engineering
Livingston, Frederick Development of an Internet Addressable Pneumatically Controlled Instrument for Applying Strain to Cells In-Vitro Electrical Engineering
Brooks, Daniel The Effects of Neck Resection Level on the Initial Torsional Stability of Cementless Total Hip Arthroplasty in Dogs Biomedical Engineering
Kapoor, Abhishek Microwave Sintering of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Materials Industrial Engineering
Villalon, Ada Electron Beam Fabrication of Injection Mold Tooling with Conformal Cooling Channels Industrial Engineering
Mahadevan, Pradeep Analysis of Layer Development and Fusing for 3D Laser Printing. Industrial Engineering
Bass, Brendon Stuart Validating the Arcam EBM Process as an Alternative Fabrication Method for Titanium-6Al-4V Alloys Materials Science and Engineering
Kuniholm, Jonathan Automated Knot Tying for Fixation in Minimally Invasive, Robot Assisted Cardiac Surgery Mechanical Engineering
Crimi, Christina Marie Stresses in the Cranial Cruciate Ligament Deficient Canine Stifle Following Three Tibial Osteotomy Procedures: A Finite Element Analysis. Mechanical Engineering
Crimi, Christopher Scott Analysis of Patellar Height of the Cranial Cruciate Ligament Deficient Canine Stifle Following Three Tibial Osteotomy Procedures. Industrial Engineering
Jetly, Gaurav A Multi-Agent Simulation of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain. Industrial Engineering
Ravindra Appaji, Samyuktha Optimal Ordering Policy Characterizations in an Unreliable Supply Chain. Industrial Engineering