Srinath Ekkad

Professor and Department Head

Dr. Srinath Ekkad arrived in NC State September 2017 as Department Head. He was previously the Rolls-Royce Professor for Aerospace Systems at Virginia where he was also the Associate VP for Research Programs and Director for the Rolls-Royce University Technology Center for Advanced System Diagnostics. His background is in fundamental thermal-fluid science with an emphasis on experimental methods. My

In his free time, Dr. Ekkad plays tennis, ping pong, and sometimes golf, and hangs out with his family. They go on hikes a lot, especially in the Appalachian mountains. He and his family hope to discover NC trails and hikes soon.

Research Interests

Dr. Ekkad’s area of application expertise is in gas turbine and thermal management of systems. He has worked extensively on various projects on cooling and heat transfer technology relating to turbine engines, automotive systems, energy harvesting, and power plant systems.



Effects of Variable Pressure Outlets for Array Jet Impingement Cooling With a Bidirectional Exit Air Scheme
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Effect of Spanwise Hole-to-Hole Spacing on Overall Cooling Effectiveness of Effusion Cooled Combustor Liners for a Swirl-Stabilized Can Combustor
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Srinath Ekkad