The Oerlikon Hackathon with SME & ASME

The Oerlikon Hackathon, highlighted on the homepage recently, was an event sponsored by Oerlikon to encourage students to be involved with additive manufacturing design. Oerlikon worked with two different NCSU students groups, SME and ASME, to put on the event over the weekend of Oct. 20-22. There was an excellent turnout of students; see below:

The winning team, seen on the homepage, included Rashmi Vadlakonda, Matt White, Hengfeng Gu, and Yi Wang. The second place team included a  student near and dear to us, Lokesh Narayanan, a phd student and graduate research assistant working with Dr. Rohan Shirwaiker. See that team in the video:

It was an outstanding event. Many thanks to Oerlikon for their support.