The Laboratory for Additive Manufacturing and Logistics is affiliated with the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) at North Carolina State University (NCSU).  Students in the ISE program at NCSU are exposed to a wide variety of manufacturing, production, and logistics topics, including traditional and non-traditional manufacturing processes (including additive), industrial automation, production control and scheduling, supply chain and logistics, simulation, work center design and analysis, ergonomics, and more.  Currently the ISE undergraduate program uses additive manufacturing in all of the core mandatory manufacturing courses and soon a dedicated track will be available for students to specialize in additive manufacturing and logistics.  Courses using additive manufacturing and/or logistics are provided below along with examples.  For more information about courses, options and undergraduate education in ISE contact Dr. Anita Vila-Parish.


Courses associated with the Laboratory for Additive Manufacturing and Logistics
Course No. Course Title URL Examples
ISE 216 Product Development and Rapid Prototyping 216 Introduction to machines/processes/capabilities.  Used for visualization and testing designs.
ISE 315 Introduction to Computer-Aided Manufacturing 315 Path planning demonstrated on additive machines
ISE 316 Manufacturing Engineering I – Processes 316 Early prototyping and evaluation of designs
ISE 416 Manufacturing Engineering II – Automation 416 Manufacturing of automation project parts
ISE 498 Senior Design Project 498 Fabrication and testing of functional parts
ISE 589 Special Topics – Intro to Medical Device Design 589 Device prototyping/production
ISE 589 Special Topics – Biomodeling 589 Fabrication of implants, prosthesis, surgical models, etc.